Creating Momentum and Developing a Sense of Control

“I want to lose weight, but I don’t know if I can stay disciplined enough in my diet.”

It is known that in order to really make a difference in achieving our fitness goals, we have to develop a strong sense of discipline in order to actually to do so. In my experience with my clients and even my own training, I have found that it can be difficult to match our in-take to our out-put. In other words, it can be difficult to establish a disciplined diet that matches the hard work that we put into our exercise regimen.

One of the biggest mistakes that some trainers make is creating goals that require a lot of lifestyle changes right off the bat. In a culture that glamorizes alcohol and fine dining, it is extremely difficult to not be tempted by all of life’s pleasures. Now, I will admit that I am huge craft beer advocate, and I love to indulge in french fries and doughnuts (aka. my kryptonite ), but the thing is, I make simple decisions to allow my self to avoid these temptations. The biggest and probably the easiest choice that I make is simply not keeping these things in the house. If I get a craving for a doughnut or a nice frothy beer, I have to go out of my way to actually obtain these items. This allows me to really think about whether or not I really need these things.

Now, I am not going to sit here and be a hypocrite and say we can’t have the things we love to have in life, but its important that if we are serious about achieving our fitness goals, we need set small, obtainable goals in order to create momentum and discipline in our lives. For example, if you 5 drinks a week, try decreasing this number to 2-3 drinks per week. This alone decreases your number of drinks in half but still allows you to be able enjoy them responsibly. By doing this, we can develop a sense of control which is so much more powerful than just trying to go cold turkey on the things we enjoy.

If you are new to “getting in shape,” I advise that you try setting up small, obtainable goals that can help get the ball rolling. Once your create momentum in your training, there will be a snowball effect that will turn those small, obtainable goals into monumental achievements. I set up the same parameters with my clients, and even saw a 10 beer a week guy go a month without his favorite beverage. When we first started working together, I told him to try halving his beers per week to see how he felt. In that time, he noted that his energy level went through the roof, his weight loss doubled from the month prior and his sleep improved. The great thing about it was that it was all his own choice to not drink for four weeks. He saw that by decreasing his intake of the things he enjoyed a little too frequently gave gave him outstanding results. All of this knowing that he had control over the situation and not the other way around.

To summarize these points, try to take these simple steps and you will see amazing results:

  • Make small, obtainable goals to help create momentum and a sense of control
  • Schedule your workouts/ gym sessions into your weekly planner
  • Get a personal trainer to aid you in achieving your health and fitness goals

As we go through this journey for a healthier future, set yourself up for a win every day by placing the stepping stones that aid you in climbing that mountain of success.

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