How to Track Your Food

“Being healthy is deeper than physical appearance”

Now that March, 2019 has hit, many have dropped off from their New Year’s resolutions, but not you. Day after day, you have stayed to your promise of becoming healthier. Your workouts are on point. Your food is clean and you are starting to feel better. But, something is missing. There is a saying that floats around the fitness space that warrants a lot of merit. “You cannot out work a poor diet.” While you may be eating cleaner foods, there could still be things lacking in your diet that can prove to be a game changer and plateau buster. This is where tracking your foods can come into play and aid you in finding true results.

I want to start by defining the term diet. In laymen’s terms, a diet is what an individual takes on average. This mean, if what you eat most often is junk, you have a poor diet. Now we all know that fast food, soda and candy isn’t good for us, but there could be something missing. There are some many terms that get thrown around such as keto, paleo, atkins, etc. Diets should be individualized. If there are types of foods that create inflammation, bloat or fatigue, you should probably take them out. Unfortunately it isn’t always as simple as eliminating a food item from out diets. Sometimes what is need is adding certain foods. One way to figure this out is by proper tracking.

When clients approach me about getting their diets in check, the first thing I tell is that I need them to track their food and fluid intake for a week because we don’t know where to go if we don’t know where we are. One of my favorite tacking apps that you can get on any smart phone, tablet or computer is My Fitness Pal by Under Armor( First off, it has a great free version that help you be able to track macros (fats, proteins and carbs). Of course their is a paid version that allows for more insights on things like fiber and specific fats and sugars but you could get away with the free version just fine. On top of these insights, you can track water and total calorie intake throughout the day. One of my favorite features of using My Fitness Pal is that you can log foods specific to the brand using the search bar.

From here you can make different dietary adjustments that could lead to major breakthroughs in your goals. You will be surprised in what little changes can lead to when working to be a healthier version of yourself. Track, detect, plan and execute!

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