The CK Health and Wellness Approach to Weight Loss

“Becoming a healthy individual takes deliberate and specific action.”
– Chris Kading

When I take on a new client, one of the number one goals I hear is, “I want to lose X number of pound.” This could be anywhere from 10 to 50 pounds. The craziest one was, “I want to lose 50 pounds in three weeks.” I unfortunately had to shatter his universe by telling him that this was an unrealistic goal and responded by asking him if he wanted to lose the weight the fast way or the right way. I’m sure you guessed that he chose the latter.

Most people want to lose the weight and keep it off. Unfortunately this doesn’t come with taking a magical pill or hammering yourself at the gym hour after hour, day after day. It takes lifestyle change, discipline and a clear vision of health. There is a saying that floats around the fitness space that couldn’t be more true; “You cannot out train a poor diet.” If you do not fuel your body with nutritious and quality foods, it will not matter how much you kill it in the gym. If you do not live a life full of movement, it will not matter that you do cardio 30 minutes a day. It will take specific changes to get you a healthier place in your life. I recommend first tracking your food for one to two weeks because you will not know where you need to go if you do not know where your are. Knowing where your diet is can make a world of difference in weight loss.

If you are desk bound for your job, it will be incredibly important to make deliberate effort to move more throughout the day. If you have a smart phone or activity track such as a Fitbit, you can easily see what your average daily steps are. Once you know this number, you can trick yourself into moving more like parking in the back of the parking lot or going to the other side of the building on restroom breaks. Little changes like these can lead to greater results.

Some take to the treadmill to sweat off the pounds. This, when done improperly, can be highly inefficient for the body when wanting to lose weight. Cardio is repetitive; which means that repetition after repetition, you body will begin rewiring itself to these movements and if form is incorrect, you will being to hammer in imbalances that you may not even notice that you have. It is important to take your time, hire a coach and learn perform your desired cardio movement properly.

CK Health and Wellness prides itself in creating well designed strength training programs that are methodical, systematic and specific to individual goals. Now I know that cardio will burn more calories than strength training ever will, but what where cardio lack, strength training fills to the void. When you properly strength train, you gain more muscle. When you gain more muscle, you receive a boost in metabolism. This means that your body will be able to burn calories more efficiently even at rest. Sure, when you are going balls-to-the-wall in your cardio, you are burning a lot of calories, but once it stops, those effects only last for 15-30 minutes post workout while a boosted metabolism will burn more calories thought the day. I recommend hiring a trainer or purchasing one of the CK Health and Wellness training programs in order to get these fat burning effects. Sure, this will take time. The weight may not come off right away, but with a trainer or a proper program, you will see the weight come off and stay off leading to a healthier and more free life. Good luck!

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