Consistency is King

Consistent effort delivers consistent result. This is true in all aspects of life

This may sound crazy coming from a fitness expert, but a poorly programmed training regimen done consistently is far more effective than a properly programmed training regimen done inconsistently. Therefore people who haven’t been doing any sort of workout regimen for a while and then pick up P90X or Beach Body get such great results. The programming is garbage, but since these individuals were not exercising regularly, any type program will produce results. Just imagine if they had proper training to match their consistency. Their results will be tenfold.  Aches and pains would disappear, muscle would build and the fat would come off and stay off.

Now this doesn’t just go for exercise. Nutrition follows the same pattern of behavior. One of the most common questions that I get asked by clients is, “What is the best diet?” First off, the one that you are able stick with is the best one. But this doesn’t take into account any individual intolerances, allergies, spiritual practices (pro-meat/ anti-meat). Gun to my head, I would have to say that the omnivore diet is the best diet because it doesn’t take out any specific health foods, but it also doesn’t take any of the above factors into consideration. So, the best nutrition practice is one that is specific to the individual and that he or she can follow consistency.

Let us take a look at other things that aren’t quote in quote fitness related but fall firmly in the health and wellness world. In a study performed at Harvard Medical School, one of the most influential factors in health other than diet and exercise is meaningful relationships. As humans, we are highly social creatures. We long for acceptance from our peers through deep connections. People who have small, but strong social groups have a far lower risk of all-cause mortality than those who don’t. So, if you find that you are lacking availability to spend time with your spouse, your children or your closest friends, create discipline to schedule time in your weeks to devote to these relationships and give consistent effort to maintain them.

Consistent practices develop patterns, good or bad. So choose wisely. Consistency is king!

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